After receiving my BFA and MFA from University of Michigan with a concentration in Fibers, I worked for twenty-nine years as an art teacher at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper and Middle Schools.  I concurrently maintained a practice of working on my own art exploration consisting of painting, print-making and sculpture.  This was sustained through inspiration from my students, travel, workshops and the inspiring Cranbrook surroundings.

All my pieces reflect my lifelong goal to find order and control in my life and art. The act of fitting shapes and forms together into a whole has always been deeply satisfying.

In the collage constructions, pieces of cardboard are retrieved from the trash to become treasure.  Other materials are collected from sales or gifted from friends. This work marks a return to my roots in fiber. The pieces are measured, cut and sewn with fine wire to create a self-supporting and dimensional cloth. 


shows and exhibitions

Beaumont Arts for the Spirit gallery  on display through July 17, 2017

Beaumont Hospital – Dearborn Café Gallery

18101 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, MI 4812

Beaumont’s Arts for the Spirit Program is committed to providing a calming, restorative atmosphere and your outstanding artwork helps us achieve that goal. Beaumont Arts for the Spirit website: